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Board Candidate Search

Identifying Diverse Skills-Based Candidates

Our Services

A well-comprised board requires a thoughtful process for Board Candidate Selection. We would like to support you in your board candidate search.


  • Assessment of current board composition.

  • Skills matrix review/creation. 

  • Candidate criteria advice based on company strategy.

  • Candidate search based on company needs.


Our Clients:

  • Japanese companies based in Japan. 

  • Japanese subsidiary companies based overseas.

  • Non-Japanese company subsidiaries in Japan. 
  • Non-Japanese companies with extensive operations in Japan desiring Japanese expertise on their board. 

  • Private Equity.

Diversity Considerations: 

  • Skills

  • Age

  • Geography

  • Gender

  • Ethnicity

About Our Candidates:

  • Our candidates include both Japanese and non-Japanese leaders.

  • Our candidates reside both in Japan and overseas.

  • Our candidates include women with board experience and those seeking their first board.

  • Our candidates include both Japanese and non-Japanese speakers.

  • Most of our members have international experience (MBA in a foreign country, experience in foreign companies, experience working abroad).

  • Our candidates are experts in the following areas: Financial Services, Legal, ESG, Investor Relations, Investments, AI, Fintech, Startup, Operations, Technology, Security, Digital Transformation, Marketing, and more.


Contact us for more information.

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