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Bridge and city of Odaiba, Japan at night

The Japan Board Diversity Network

Accelerating Board Excellence and
Board Diversity in Japan

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The JBDN is dedicated to promoting long-term sustainable growth in Japan through connecting, inspiring and training Japan’s current female board directors and leaders, building the pipeline of future female directors, and supporting companies in identifying skills-based diverse global talent.

About the JBDN

The JBDN is the only global network of Japanese and non-Japanese women with the experience, skills, and desire to strengthen corporate governance in Japan. Members include current board directors and board-ready candidates. Members reside in Japan and overseas. We support each member personally with resources to excel as a board member.

Core Beliefs

  1. Board diversity contributes to financial performance and improves corporate governance.

  2. Increasing the number of female directors on Japanese boards and in leadership positions is critical to Japan's economic revitalization.

  3. JBDN will accelerate positive change in corporate governance in Japan through training, inspiring, and "calling to action" JBDN members.


Individual Membership

Join the most influential global network dedicated to corporate governance & board diversity in Japan!

Corporate Membership

Do you want to invest in your senior female leaders? The JBDN offers training and inspiration for female leaders.

Board Candidate Search

The JBDN offers the largest network of skills-based female candidates. Tell us about your board candidate needs today!


Are you aligned with the mission of strengthening corporate governance & board diversity in


Upcoming Events

The Role of the Compensation Committee with Laura Hay of Meridian Compensation Partners and Jun Frank of ISS-Corporate

Past Global Training Events

Climate Change with Keiko Omori, Ph.D., Maya Ito, Maya Hari, and Yukie Shibano
Live Event Pictures

Live Event Pictures


Media & Seminars

JBDN Media & Seminars, including 30% Club, METI, CLSA, US-Japan Council, ACCJ, Responsible Investor, WIIT, and Globis


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