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The Role of the Compensation Committee with Laura Hay of Meridian Compensation Partners and Jun Frank of ISS-Corporate
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AI Fundamentals with Norishige Morimoto, Shoko Suzuki, Lauren Compere, Tomoka Miho, Chie Takeda, and Akio Yamaguchi
METI Guidelines on Corporate Takeovers (企業買収における行動指針) with Ken King of Skadden and Sakka Kobayashi of Nishimura & Asahi
Critical Financial & Markets Knowledge with Katsumi Ao, Tomohiro Aikawa, Noriko Suzumura, and Ken Shibusawa
Risk Oversight: Board Director Responsibilities & Best Practices with Annalisa Barrett, Manabu Oura, and Taeko Suzuki
Geopolitical Risk Oversight with Glen S. Fukushima, Vice Chair, Securities Investor Protection Corporation
Climate Change (気候変動:未来を形作るための取締役会と経営陣の力) with Ms. Keiko Omori, Ph.D., Maya Ito, Maya Hari, and Yukie Shibano
ESG Ratings and Methodology Disclosure with Beth Byington, Rieko Shofu, Ichiko Tachibana, Tomoko Nakagawa, and Miranda Carr
Activist Communications, Strategy, and Defense with Minako Hattori and Deborah Hayden of FGS Global and Ken King of Skadden
Global Corporate Governance Trends with Morrow Sodali APAC Chair Maria Leftakis & Glass Lewis Asian Research Head Naoko Ueno
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