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Individual Membership

Expand your Opportunities, Influence, and Inspiration

Why Join the JBDN?

The JBDN is a powerful network of female Japanese and non-Japanese current board members and senior professionals who desire to elevate their board leadership skills, identify future opportunities, and contribute their skills to the mission of the JBDN.

The JBDN values each member. We want to know you, your goals, and your strengths.

Current Board Directors in Japan

Congratulations on being a trailblazing leader as one of the first female board directors in Japan!  

Do you want to participate in world-class interactive board trainings, exchange ideas with global leaders, and contribute your voice to a larger mission for Japan?

The JBDN can magnify your board effectiveness and opportunity for impact!

Future Board Directors for Japan

In order to meet its target of 30% women on boards in 2030, Japan will need to add thousands of women as directors.

Are you a senior female leader in Japan, a female leader with Japan related experience or valuable skills, or a current board director outside of Japan?

The JBDN can help you on your board journey!

Individual Membership Benefits

Networking and Events  

  • Invitations to regularly scheduled networking forums and speaker events.

  • The opportunity to be part of a supportive global network of outstanding female leaders who are current and future board members in Japan. The network includes a variety of nationalities and expertise (tech, startup, legal, finance, governance).

  • Discounts on special events and courses.

Board Candidate Database Inclusion

  • Your name and profile included in the Japan Board Diversity Network Proprietary Database.

  • Inclusion in Third Arrow Strategies Japan Speakers Bureau with information on your areas of expertise.


Private Coaching

  • Members receive one 45-minute private consulting session to discuss goals, interests, questions and how the network can provide additional support to the member.   

Annual Member Fee:  $395

What our Members are Saying!

Makiko Nakamori, Board Director, Itochu

Makiko Nakamori, Board Director, Itochu

"I have a high opinion of the JBDN. The seminar topics are deeply interesting, the speakers and participants are international, and the knowledge exchange is stimulating.

I have found the JBDN to be a very unique network. As a board member, it is a place that gives me great insight into topics I want to learn about."

Member Quotes
Membership Benefits

Membership Application
The network welcomes current board directors and senior professionals who may be considered qualified board candidates.  

Which describes your professional experience?

Before you submit registration, please review the  Membership Benefits and Annual Network Fee. Network membership is subject to approval based on work experience, qualifications, and other expertise. Please contact ​if you have any questions.

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