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Individual Membership

Expand Your Opportunities, Influence, and Inspiration

Why Join the JBDN?

The JBDN is a powerful network of female Japanese and non-Japanese current board members and senior professionals who desire to elevate their board leadership skills, identify future opportunities, and contribute their skills to the mission of the JBDN.

In order to meet its target of 30% women on boards in 2030, Japan will need to add thousands of female directors. We are the only global network dedicated to improving board governance and board diversity in Japan.

Whether you are an experienced board director or a board director candidate, the JBDN offers unparalleled training, resources, and the opportunity for idea exchange with global leaders. 

See our full benefits, including a private coaching call, below.

Membership Benefits

Private Coaching

The JBDN values each member. We want to know you, your goals, and your strengths.

Members receive one 45-minute private consulting session to discuss goals, interests, questions, and how the network can provide additional support to the member.

Board Director Training and Support


  • Small Group Events & Regional Events

  • Resources, Data, and Partner Support

  • Short Courses (Coming Soon)

Professional Opportunities and 

The JBDN receives requests from companies to provide candidates for positions such as:
Outside Board Director, Statutory Auditor, Executive Officer, Senior Advisor, NPO Board Director, etc.

The JBDN elevates JBDN member profiles through:
Conference and event speaker opportunities, roundtable/whitepaper participant invitations, sharing member research, publications, and successes in our newsletter, etc.

Members receive priority registration & discounts for limited-capacity events, special events, and courses.

Members are included in the Japan Board Diversity Network Candidate Database and Speakers Bureau.

Networking and Community

We offer the opportunity to be part of a supportive global network of outstanding female leaders who are current and future board members in Japan. The network includes a variety of nationalities and expertise (tech, climate, startup, legal, finance, marketing, communications).


Membership Application

Initiation Fee: $200
Annual Member Fee: $395

Are you ready to join us?

We look forward to receiving your application!

Member Quotes

What our Members are Saying!


Mika Nishimura, Board Director, 

I take my board roles very seriously and believe board education is critical for all directors. Currently, I serve on several boards in both Japan in the United States including Hoya (TSE), Accuray, and SI Bone (Nasdaq). I am dedicated to elevating the level of corporate governance in Japan and have leveraged resources from the JBDN to spur conversations around board practices.  I am grateful to HOYA for their support to help me stay current about important topics regarding corporate governance through my membership with JBDN.

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