Enabling Japan to Achieve Global Board Diversity Standards

Japan Board Diversity Network

The Third Arrow Strategies Japan Board Diversity Network seeks to enable Japan's current female board directors and board director candidates, to achieve excellence in board skills, be influential in their current roles, and identify future opportunities.

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Fundamental Viewpoints

Worldwide, Demand for Board Diversity by is Intensifying

Board diversity contributes to financial performance and corporate governance.

  • Board Gender Diversity has been linked to:

    • Favorable financial performance (ROE, EPS)

    • Better decision making

    • Higher quality of financial reporting and internal controls

    • Fewer financial reporting restatements

    • Decreased likelihood of securities fraud
    • Improved management oversight 
    • Increased climate innovation
    • Improved talent acquisition/retention
  • ​Accordingly, investors are using gender related data to inform investment decisions. See MSCI's Japan Empowering Women Index​.


Japan must be held to global board diversity standards.


The Network will accelerate utilization of female board directors.

  • Through specialized training and coaching, the network supports current female directors to reach a new level of excellence. Each time a female director excels, it benefits all women.   

  • The network supports future female board directors in building credentials, profiling, networking and board search activities. 

  • The network supports companies seeking to invest in female talent or identify a candidate. 

  • The network will increase understanding of the merits of gender diversity through providing knowledge and tools to those who are in positions of influence.